how to use dried lemongrass?

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So...I bought some dried lemongrass to use in Thai curries, but have had some problems.

I've tried just putting it in straight, but by the time everything else is ready, it's still pokey and fibrous...and we basically had to pick it out. Yesterday, we tried putting it in a bit of hot water to soften it up, but that didn't help either.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I'd like to get it to the point where it's edible, and we don't have to pick around it.

My only other idea would be to put it in one of those metal mesh tea ball type things.

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    I've had good results making soup, where I first boil dried lemon grass and dried galangal in water or broth, then strain, then proceed with making the soup. Adds a great flavour and nothing to pick out. I think if you don't want to strain it, you have to use fresh lemon grass, but even in that case you just chew on it a bit, you don't actually eat the lemon grass; it is too fibrous.
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      Yeah....I think we're going to have to boil it in the broth, and then strain. It just doesn't seem like eating it is going to happen. Oh well.

      Thanks for confirming my suspicions. ;)

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